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  1. Make most of every single trip you made across the globe using our TourGuide app. TourGuide is an mobile application where tourists can find local people willing to help them discover the most..
  2. Welcome | LiveTours - The tour guide app! Listen to your tour guide with your own smartphone! • Download and install The LiveTours App • The guide connects you at the start of the tour
  3. Our mobile app will guide your visitors from one point of interest to the next using GPS. Our tour builder allows you to create a tour route that takes your visitors anywhere you want — you're not restricted to roads or major pathways
  4. That's the premise behind GeoTourist, which hosts hundreds of user-designed tour itineraries in cities around the world. Using GPS autoplay, the app pinpoints your location and triggers its audio guides when you're in the vicinity of local points of interest. Have a tour idea of your own
  5. GetYourGuide Mobile Apps Buche unvergessliche Erlebnisse auf der ganzen Welt. Sende dir selbst einen Link Verwalte deine Buchungen mit der App und finde Aktivitäten weltweit
  6. GuruWalk is a community of free tour guides. It helps to connect travelers to tour guides worldwide. Travelers connect with local tour guides and pay whatever amount they seem fair
  7. So funktioniert es: • Kostenlose Rother App vom AppStore bzw. von Google play laden • Bis zu fünf vollwertige Touren aus jedem verfügbaren Guide unbegrenzt testen • Bequem direkt aus der Rother App oder über unseren E-Shop (hier nur für Android) den gewünschten Guide komplett erwerben* * je nach Guide 4,99-9,99 € • Kostenlose Rother App vo

Speak the right language: My Tours is localised in 18 different languages. Museum tours and audio guides, cycling tours, boat tours and walking trails. My Tours has the audio guide app platform for you. Local Government, Towns and Citie iTunes / Android (coming soon) Detour takes the traditional audio tour to the next level with tours that will impress locals. The app uses your phone's GPS to pinpoint your location, and guides.. Select locations feature famous tour guides to provide users with a little extra fun. Visit the Lincoln Memorial and watch as the 16th President himself pops up to show you around! Grab some awesome selfies with virtual Honest Abe and upload to Social Media for the folks back home! Convenience For Travelers. All the knowledge of a travel guide book in the convenience of one app! Don't spend. Perfect Social Distancing Adventure Once we downloaded the tour and got started, things were easy. This was an amazing experience for adults and children. It's best to expect to drive slow as the program uses GPS and will skip to the next audio portion if you drive fast. The tour was very engaging and comprehensive and guide has a pleasant voice. We spent 5 hours to complete the tour as we stopped at each Monument to take pictures. I would recommend this app and experience for someone who. Mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung in der Welt der Gruppenführung haben wir eine Personenführungsanlage als App entwickelt. elysium® tgs ist weltweit die erste App die alle gängigen Funktionen einer Personenführungsanlage auf einer Smartphone-Umgebung abbildet

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  1. This expert guide includes 30+ links to original content with everything you need to create your own effective product tours and walkthroughs. A good product tour should guide new users to value, improve activation, and reduce churn. Here's how to get started
  2. AUDIO GUIDE The personal travel planner app is your audio guide to the world that lets you conveniently listen to a travel guide with interesting narratives from local guides that play..
  3. The Tour Guide App (Project 6) for Udacity's Android Basics Nanodegree by Google. We developed this app to learn how to organize information into complex visual structure with Fragments. It displays some of the interesting attractions of the city of Fehervar
  4. Lade Rother Touren Guides und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. ‎Wandern mit GPS-Navigation, Karte und Wegbeschreibung - Hol Dir die beliebten Rother Wanderführer als interaktive, offline nutzbare Guides
  5. Hopscotch is a framework to make it easy for developers to add product tours to their pages. Hopscotch accepts a tour JSON object as input and provides an API for the developer to control rendering the tour display and managing the tour progress. Hopscotch supports internationalization via i18n object in tour config. The default language is English. If you need a tour in a language other than English, pass in translated text in your tour config. Text used for previous, next, skip.
  6. Your smart tour guide app! DisVoize is the flexible and sustainable alternative solution to traditional group tour guide systems - also called whisper systems - that are commonly used to improve communication between presenters and their audiences
  7. FIWARE Tour Guide App was a Node.js sample application used in the FIWARE Tour Guide to show real code working with the Generic Enablers integrated. This application is a smart, context-aware application which allows to manage large Restaurant chains which are operating worldwide. Is intended to both franchise managers and to customers

Tour Guide System The itour SmartGuide is the most advanced smartphone-based tour guide system to date. Be it on a city walking tour, in a museum, on a bus, or on a ship, - the transmitter broadcasts both, live and pre-recorded audio, directly to your guests' smartphones With over 20 years of experience in the world of group tours, we have developed an app that is a tour guide system. elysium ® tgs is the world's first app to offer all the common functions of a tour guide system in a smartphone environment. Helpful features such as dialogue and guide-me-home functions are included Our walking tour app for Android supports over 4000 devices, including most Samsung phones, and any device that runs Android version 4.0 or above. Use the app offline to save on data and roaming costs You can download our audio tours with a single tap before you leave your WiFi zone

SelfTour GPS guided audio adventure tours is the newest and most complete and fun way to take individual tours of key tourist locations around the world. All the information comes to you on your smartphone or tablet via our SelfTour App. Once you start the tour it is not required that you look at phone again 9 Awesome Walking Tour Apps GPSmyCity. GPSmyCity enables self-guided tours of more than 1,000 cities worldwide — and for those of you who tend... Historypin. If you're hip to history or an architecture enthusiast, Historypin is the user-generated content app for you. Roadside America. Focusing on. PocketGuide is the first application that works automatically and guides you through the city by voice, just like a real tour guide. No more fiddling with small text on your screen Tour IV - Stadtrundgang für sehbeeinträchtigte Gäste. Mit einem besonderen Angebot laden wir Sie ein, Potsdam bildlich zu entdecken. Eine, insbesondere für blinde und seheingeschränkte Menschen, konzipierte Tour hält beschreibende Erläuterungen für Sie bereit. Wir möchten Ihnen mit diesen Touren einen kompakten Überblick über die Stadt und ihre Sehenswürdigkeiten ermöglichen. This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. Fixed app freezes in iOS 8. This also fixes reported iPhone 6 freezes. Purchasing app automatically unlocks all tours. Previously tours were purchased individually inside the app. Listen to music in the background. The Tour guide will pause music when she speaks

Find your local tour guide with Showaround. Lucy Los Angeles, United States Free. I'm carefree and friendly. Reviews. 3. Rating. Monika You can also use the Showaround app for both iOS and Android mobile devices. With the free app, you get simple and on-the-go access to 131079 locals worldwide. From some of the most popular metropolises around the world like Paris, London and New York to. Du wirst du auf keiner Tour mehr auf die RealityMaps App verzichten wollen. App jetzt kostenlos herunterladen: Das sagen unsere Kunden. Super-App! Hat mir schon oft geholfen und äußerst nützliche Infos geliefert. Dieter Wiesbacher Google Playstore. Eigene Position in der 3D Bergwelt anzeigen und die Panoramafunktion gefallen mir sehr gut. Ein Google-Nutzer Google Playstore. Geniale 3D. Unfortunately, guided tours are often expensive and require that you stick with the group and your guide, with little to no time to do your own exploring. But some apps are looking to replace.

The app will navigate you towards your tour starting point. When you reach the starting point destination the tour will automatically begin, just follow the navigation instructions and listen to the guide. You will notice the Points of Interest (POI) on the map. Every time you reach a POI the guide will automatically spea Replace outdated, expensive and unhygienic tour guide headsets with your guests' smartphones, and allow your guests to maintain a safe social distance while still hearing the program! Learn how this low-cost, easy-to-install, maintenance-free wireless audio guide system lets you bring sound to any location, and helps protect the health of your staff and customers

Top 10: Best Tour (website guide) Javascript and jQuery plugins 1. Bootstrap Tour. Bootstrap Tour is a plugin to make an animated, dynamic guided tour through your website using the... 2. Shepherd. Shepherd is a javascript library for guiding users through your app. It uses Tether, another open. Heft-Info Ausgabe bestellen Heft abonnieren App Store Lesen wie ich will. Anzeige. Spanien: Asturien. Im Herzen des Grünen Spaniens . Asturien mit dem Rennrad erkunden . Beliebte Artikel. Profile und Karten 104. Giro d'Italia. Strecke Giro d'Italia 2021: alle Etappen. Der 104. Giro d'Italia führt vom 8. bis 30. Mai von Turin nach Mailand. Auf 3.450 Km warten sechs Bergankünfte und zwei. Award-winning museum guide apps for leading museums in Europe. Available for the British Museum, Louvre, National Gallery, Capitoline, Musee d'Orsay, Pergamon and others. Going to the museum? Vusiem is Your perfect app companion. Self-Guided Tours Customized Tours to fit within your schedule. Ensure you do not miss out on the must-see artefacts during your visit. Informative Commentary Well.

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However, today we will give a guide on how to create a virtual tour for your WordPress site. This will create a more realistic effect when creating a virtual tour. Connect the phone app to the camera, and go on live view mode. Here, it will show the image in a 360 Equirectangular format, to see if you have adjusted all the settings correctly and if the image looks good. During the day, it. Finden, vergleichen und buchen Sie Touren, Ausflüge, Aktivitäten, Attraktionen und spannende Erlebnisse aus der ganzen Welt. Sparen Sie Geld und buchen Sie direkt von lokalen Anbieter The software is modular and can be flexibly combined. With its easy-to-use guided workflows, Pacific speeds up the reservation process, increases the quality of the data in every booking and improves internal efficiency. Learn more about Pacific. Modular dynamic packaging reservation system for tour operators of all types & sizes. Used by tour operators all over the world. Learn more about. Price per Tour: $4.99+ Apple: Free. Android: Free. Just Ahead. Best for Roadtripping. Given that each U.S. National Park can span thousands upon thousands of acres, driving is often the best way to see as much as possible. But gawking at a stunning geologic formation with zero knowledge of what you're looking at, exactly, can feel like a fruitless venture. With location-aware, GPS-based. Create guided tour in an Android app. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 1 month ago. Active 8 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 11k times 21. 13. I want to create interactive tour in my app like this: How can i achieve it? Do you know a library to make it easier? android. Share. Follow.

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My Tours is a platform that provides a web-based tour builder and mobile app. Even in remote locations, downloaded tours can be accessed offline. My Tours provides support for 18 languages including most European and Asian languages & also RTL languages. Gain insight into which part of the app visitors are using, meaning that you can deliver the right tour content. The My Tours app builder is. The app offers more than 60 self-guided, scavenger hunt-style challenges along your route from food and drink challenges to strategy games. Currently players can access the app in certain European, Australian and American cities. It's a tour with a twist and perfect for small groups. Rick Steves: The Rick Steves Audio Europe Travel App is a. Showaround is a marketplace for tours with locals who are ready to show you the best their cities have to offer and tailor activities to your interests. Showaround is a marketplace for tours with locals who are ready to show you the best their cities have to offer and tailor activities to your interests. Test menu. Meet a local. Blog. About us. Connect. Sign up as a local. About Support Terms. Tour and guide libraries are there to help you guide your users through using your app. They do so by adding extra information to your UI, by providing tips or text (usually obtained from the server in JSON format), and by adding step-by-step instructions regarding the UI and/or functionalities of your web app The Road to Freedom Tour Guide highlights Virginia's Civil War-era African American experience, encouraging visitors and Virginians alike to uncover these little-known stories of strife, growth, community, and more. It unleashes the power of both perspective and place and introduces historical figures that have been given little voice until now. This application allows you to interact with.

A private guide is not just your tour guide. These private guides become your new designated friend that is there to make you feel like a local in order to fully discover the vibe and atmosphere of your destination. Start using the Private Guide app today and connect with many different guides directly...no middleman involved. The Private Guide app was designed save time and money! See for. Share your tour with a link. No extra apps, no downloads. Embed on your website, blog or social. See other tours View anytime, anywhere. Anyone can experience the magic of your tour on any device. From mobile & desktop to the Google Cardboard viewer. Google Cardboard. Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. Find out more Create Yours Get Started Get the latest news. The Tour-Builder App is your answer to creating your own Guided Tour App. The most important facts are: it's FREE, and it's available in iOS or Android. You can use it to record any kind of tour in any outdoor location. Of course the App records the route so that anyone using the Tour-Guide App (also FREE) can find and follow your tour. And of course it can remember hotspots (point of interest.

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This project android tourist guide provides the tourist with city map depending on its current location entered by the android phone user. This information helps the tourists to find the desired locations to visit. Well it consists of entire details of those locations or how to reach the location as well as other emergency amenities like hospitals, institutes, bus stops etc but it provides the. The Ox Hill Battlefield Tour Guide is your complete guide to the only major Civil War battlefield in Fairfax County, Virginia. Discover the park, its interpretive trail and other battlefield points of interest beyond the park using this GPS-enabled mobile tour. Learn about the battle that was fought in the late afternoon on September 1, 1862, during a severe thunderstorm and about the. GPS-guided tour. As you drive in your car or travel by train or bus, Just Ahead takes you on a guided tour. It uses GPS to know exactly where you are and what to say. Imagine you're cresting a hill and in front of you is a beautiful sight. You're wondering what it is. That's when Just Ahead shares with you an exciting story about what you. Tour Builder will be shut down in July 2021, but you can export and download your tours in advance. You can also create, share and collaborate on stories in 3D in Google Earth. Visit the About Page for more details. Stories Created with Tour Builder.

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Zur Zeit hast du die Wahl aus 315 Guides mit 4.989 Stationen in 135 Städten und 17 Ländern. Und du kannst auch selbst einen Audiowalk erstellen. Probiere es aus! Aktueller Hinweis: Die Android-App ist leider am 21.5. durch Google gesperrt worden. Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung und hoffen, dass sie sehr bald wieder im Play-Store verfügbar sein wird. Android-Nutzer können die Audioguides bis. Allow your guided-tour participants to keep a safe distance without using dedicated devices, downloading an app nor logging in. Audio-Video Synchronisation. Nubart Sync. Enhance your on-site videos with synchronized soundtracks in several languages, directly from the viewers' smartphone browser. Use cases. Our cards provide sophisticated digital solutions to visits or events that take place in.

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App für Multimedia-Guides, interaktive Schnitzeljagden und Handy-Rallyes für Smartphone und Tablet A turn-key solution to create, manage, and deploy multimedia guides on mobile devices. Menu. Acoustiguide Mobile; Contact Us; Acoustiguide Mobile 2.0 The interactive guide has evolved. Designed as the ideal turnkey solution for museums, galleries, and cultural institutions to create, manage, and deploy multimedia guides on mobile devices. Acoustiguide Mobile 2.0's expanded set of features. Nach dem Download der App kannst du sofort mit der Online-Routenplanung und Navigation loslegen. Willst du sicher gehen, dass die App auch ohne Internetverbindung verlässlich funktioniert oder willst du Roaming-Kosten vermeiden, kannst du dir auch eine Karte herunterladen und offline verwenden. Kostenloser Premium-Bereich . Herunterladen und los geht's: Multistopp-Routenplanung, Navigation. Mach deine nächste Radtour, Wanderung oder Laufstrecke mit komoot zu einem einzigartigen Abenteuer. Lass dich von den Empfehlungen der Community inspirieren und erwecke deine Pläne mit dem einfachen Routenplaner zum Leben

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Oder planen Sie eine eigene Tour über den Tourenplaner. Falls Sie länger in unserer Region bleiben möchten, finden Sie auch Unterkünfte entlang der Touren. Unsere kostenfreie Touren-App Meine SVR bietet Ihnen den Service des Solling-Vogler-Guides für unterwegs. Viel Spaß beim Entdecken unserer schönen Region Rother Bergverlag. Bücher und Apps zu den Themen Wandern, Bergsteigen, Klettersteige, Skitouren, Mountainbike uvm. Für Bergsteiger, Genuss-Wanderer, Familien mit Kindern und alle Outdoor-Fans There's no need for a crowded tour group. Get a private guide in your pocket filled with current, high-quality, and locally sourced content that's as good as a friend's recommendation for taking you off the beaten paths. It's hands-free and immersive. Shh, just listen. What's that majestic structure in front of you? Plug in your headphones and find out. SmartGuide sends expertly.

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Die itour city guide GmbH entwickelt, erstellt und produziert audiovisuelle Führungen mit hochwertigem Inhalt. Dazu entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit unserem Kunden spezifische Softwarelösungen und runden das Angebot mit dem Allround Service für Lizensierung, Hardware und Software ab Find and compare top Virtual Tour software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Quickly browse through hundreds of Virtual Tour tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs

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AnyTour works with tour guides, tourism boards and local experts to provide self-guided local experiences in the form of audio walking tours via an attractive and easy to use mobile app, available on Apple and Android. AnyTour. Self-Guided Audio Walking Tour Platform. Home. Buy Tours. Create Content. About us. Blog. More. DOWNLOAD APP. Log In. 0. Any Tour A Travel App That Can Replace Your. Record your tour. Publish. Pick your journey. Experience it. Share. Features. Walk and Play. Build your own journeys and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Your audio will trigger as they walk along your path, in an immersive experience like never before. Build your own journeys and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Your audio will trigger as they walk along your path, in an. Tour Guide App. Our mobile tour guide app will guide your visitors from one point of interest to the next using GPS. Our tour builder allows you to create a tour route that takes your visitors anywhere you want — you're not restricted to roads or major pathways. Learn More About the App . Tour Builder. Our enterprise tour builder accounts are for CVBs, DMOs, universities, businesses, non.

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Finden Sie die besten Restaurants in Deutschland auf der offiziellen Website des Guide MICHELIN. Bewertungen und Einblicke von MICHELIN Restauranttester Tourplan is a tour operator management software designed to help businesses manage sales, clients, ticketing, and itineraries via a unified platform. The application enables organizations to automate product management, online reservations, accounting, and administrative operations. Read more about Tourplan iS. Resfinity. 4.4 (5) Online Booking Engine for Airlines, Tour Operators, DMCs.

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Touristalk is the only Tour Guide app you'll ever need. BE HEARD. Your opinion matters, and Touristalk is the best way to share relevant comments that help your fellow Guides-goers. TAG YOUR FAVS . Get organized and never forget the best parts of your favorite Destination . Develop a taste profile unique to you. MAKE IT YOURS. The entire Touristalk interface is fully customizable to fit your. Entdeck die besten Touren, Guides und Collections bei komoot - übersichtlich nach Regionen geordnet und aufgeschlüsselt nach den unterschiedlichsten Abenteuern, die du draußen erleben kannst. Wähl einfach deine Region und die Kategorie, die am besten beschreibt, was du erleben möchtest - und finde deine nächste Radtour How to build an AR tour guide. Building an AR tour guide app essentially boils down to three main components: Character design; Story design; Location awareness; Let's discuss each of these components and explore the latest tools you can leverage to build something like this today. Character Design (Animation and AI) One of the most important pieces of an augmented reality guided tour is the. This app was a perfect way to tour Gettysburg during COVID-19. Although the museum and visitor center were closed, we were still able to learn all about the parks history through this audio tour. We drove along following the map guide on the app and listened as the narrator told us about the various stops. WELL WORTH THE PURCHASE OF THE FULL TOUR. Thank you! Similar Tours. Address. 32 Mallard. Start creating user guides, automated tours, and in-app messages to help users interact with your product. Get your free trial no credit card required. Guide users anywhere anytime, with our no-code user onboarding software. Helppier is the easiest way to engage and help users online. Turn users into customers with interactive user guides, tooltips, pop-ups, warnings, and more. No coding. No.

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Today, is the worldwide launch of Guiddoo, the worlds first specialized & personal tour guide mobile application (App). Available for Android and iOS, Guiddoo is a first of its kind mobile app. Guided Tours; Captures real 3D measurements; Colored Point Clouds; 2D Photography; Schematic Floor Plans; Core VR; Mobile capture; Mattertag content ; 10 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro(free) 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro is the professional virtual tour software that is leading in panoramic and VR innovation. It is a free virtual tour creator software that is compatible with panoramas from all 360-degree.

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Explore Maui on your own terms with Shaka Guide. We have six self-guided audio tours on the island, including the Classic Road to Hana, Reverse Road to Hana, Loop Road to Hana, Haleakala Sunset and Stargazing, Sunrise at Haleakala National Park, and West Maui Coastal Driving Tour Tour Guide is the one who conducts a tour or one with a broad knowledge of a particular area whose primary duty is to inform. The term tour guide is widely used to describe the various professionals who are in any way engaged in guiding people, including tour managers, docents, and interpreters. (Kathleen, 1996) 10. An individual, who, either as an employee or affiliate of a duly. Virtual tour software that lets you shoot and build cost effective virtual tours quickly and easily. Great for Real Estate Photography, interior designers, Architects, dealerships and professional photographers. My360 can be used with ANY instant 360º camera including the Ricoh Theta or Insta360 . Read more about My360. Pano2VR. 4.9 (21) Virtual experience converter. learn more. Compare save.

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GyPSY Guide audio driving tour app for Yellowstone. Photo: GyPSy Guide . Wish you had a guide while touring to and inside Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier national parks?? Download the GyPSy Guide App. We recognized that travelers preferred to set their own pace and itinerary, but still enjoyed a fun, informative and educational guided experience says Rick Bulich of GyPSy Guide. Show a sequence of product tours over time, depending on whether users successfully engage (or don't) User properties & events Define your audience using attributes, actions, tour engagement, and events from integrated apps Once you are accepted as a ToursByLocals tour guide, your obligations are: to personally deliver the tours you've agreed to do in a friendly, professional manner; to respond quickly (within 24 hours) and professionally to customer inquiries and booking requests; to keep your availability and account up to date ; In return, ToursByLocals provides: Tools and training: All the tools you need to.

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Everyone, no matter where they are in the world, can now walk around Shakespeare's Globe with our virtual tour and 360 iOS app.. Use this page or download the app to tour the Globe Theatre from the comfort of your own home. Our interactive 360 degrees virtual tour uses photos, videos and audible wonder to guide you along the way What tools can I use to create a guided tour (walkthrough) of my web app ? almost 8 years ago from Guillaume Simon , Product Manager @Tigerlily I'd like to lead new users to perform actions (update picture, add description) in order to go to the next step This mini-tour app offers audio guides, detailed information and the ability to zoom way in on 250 works of art from masters such as Vincent van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer. We love the Insight. Mayflower Self-Guided Tours is an innovative and highly detailed app that turns your mobile device into a personal GPS tour guide of the UK towns, cities and villages connected to the Mayflower. We've launched the app in the build-up to the Mayflower 400 anniversary year to help visitors get the best possible experience from visiting the sites that tell the stories of the Pilgrims' origins

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